Stone Painting

I’ve been painting stones since autumn 2015. I collect stones from anywhere (do you know of that place?) and store them in lovely wicker baskets around our home. When the mood hits, I spend hours painting lines and dots and squiggles… predominantly in white acrylic ink.

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The lovely nature of painting on rocks is that if I make a mistake, I can throw the rock into the sea or leave it upside down on a path or in a garden somewhere. I cannot wreck the beauty of the stone itself… which gives me great comfort and aids me in overcoming my perfectionist characteristics and fear of failing at art. Another stone is always just down the way…

…and now I can envision all of my friends and family going into their gardens and turning all their little stones right-side-up to see if I’ve left a tell-tale mistake nearby.

I never know what I will paint before I begin with each stone… there is no vision, only the need to create. I hold the rock, have a study of its shape, dip my brush in the ink and ideas flow of their own accord…