Choosing Colour for a Project

The hardest decision I have in any project is what colour to use. Unfortunately, I love so many different colours, I cannot easily determine which one is my favourite. I know which blue is my favourite and which orange and pink, but to single out one or collect colours into a theme is overwhelming and frustrating. Simply put, there are too many colours for me to choose from.

Choosing colour for a project can be hard. Here are some tips that may help.

Over time, I am learning colour does not need to be a negative experience when starting a new project. I discovered solutions to choosing colour. If you struggle with colour choices, give some of these tips a try.

The most fun solution is to ask a friend to help you choose colour. All of us know that one special person in a guild whose projects seem to glow. Invite your friend or fellow guild-mate to the local quilt store and ask for advice and help with difficult colour decisions.

Another option, which may seem foolish to some, is to close your eyes and choose colours for your quilt randomly. Once colours are chosen, leap into the project and start cutting. Even if the random colours don’t appeal to you, make the project anyway. You will learn about new combinations of colour you like—or dislike! The end result may surprise you—or provide the perfect charity gift.

Pay close attention to finished projects during Show and Share at guild meetings. Perhaps another person’s quilt sings with colours you love, but had not considered putting together. Make notes or ask to take a photograph to refer to when shopping for fabric.

My solution is to observe nature’s colour palettes. I gather leaves, flower petals, moss, stones, bark or other natural elements and store them in flat studio drawers or lay them out for photographs. Whenever I am stuck choosing colour, I sit with my collections or flip through photographs until I find the palette which suits the project best.

I learn about colour every day. I still struggle with colour choice, but now I have some simple tools to overcome difficult colour decisions. Do not be afraid of choosing colour! Relax, play and enjoy the process.

Published by Alberta Country Register

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